Princess Ukaga Needs Your Help! Bombing in Abuja

April 16, 2014

Scores of people have been killed in a bombing at a crowded bus station on the outskirts of Nigeria’s capital. According to, the powerful explosion rocked the Nyanya station, leaving bodies scattered across the terminal and destroying dozens of vehicles. The attack happened during the morning rush hour as many workers tried to board buses and taxis. Ambulances have taken the dead and injured to nearby hospitals. The attack is said to be one of the worst ever to have taken place within Nigeria’s federal capital territory, which includes Abuja and surrounding areas. 

Princess Ukaga of CoE Nigeria, sent this tender email message out this morning calling for prayer.

“My dear friends,

With tears l greet you all. Please pray for my country. This morning there was a bomb blast in Abuja. Many poor lives were taken aways from their loves ones. (It) is painful. . . may their souls rest in peace. Let the world know it is very bad.”

- Princess Ukaga, Children of the Earth Chapter Leader, Nigeria

Please lift up the Earth’s children that are grieving today in Nigeria. COE is collecting donations so Princess can deliver food and basic supplies to mothers and children.

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