Glenna Voegle

Glenna is a life-long educator, the mother of two wonderful children, the grandmother of six, a social, political, and peace activist, a practitioner of the healing arts, and an ordained interfaith minister. She earned a B.S. and an M.A. from the University of Central Oklahoma, and then taught pre-school through twelfth grade for over thirty years. During her teaching career, she won numerous awards, including "Teacher of the Year," "Oklahoma Conservation Educator's Award," and "Five-Alive Best Teacher Award." She developed and implemented various global education, multicultural education, and interfaith programs and service opportunities in both private and public schools. 

In 1992, Glenna founded Voices of the Next Generation, a 501c3 non-profit, committed to providing youth of diverse cultures and religions opportunities to support one another 
in creating personal and global cooperation and understanding through education, networking, and social awareness-action training, and publishing. VNG worked with COE and other non-profits for the 1995 World Summit of Children, 1996 UN Habitat II Summit, various training programs in Costa Rica, Mexico City, and around the United States, and in creating and implementing a vast array of local, state, national, and international service projects.  Glenna currently has a business called Agape Wellness & Harmony Center and serves as the co-creator and co-project director for COE’s Global Heart for Oneness Movement.