Bruce Wilson

Bruce Wilson was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and graduated from Northwestern University, with a Bachelors degree in Psychology. Bruce moved east, with the belief that he could make an impact on the youth and the growing diversity of Vermont. In 1999, Bruce founded Straight Talk Vermont with the help of the community, in order to work with youth in connection with the Community Justice Center in Burlington. Bruce has continued to grow Straight Talk Vermont, which is now Service Rendered Inc., into a statewide organization, which strives to help individuals to reach their full potentials as part of a safe community. He loves to help youth with their goals, dreams and aspirations. 

Bruce has many successful years of experience working with youth, businesses, interns and volunteers. Throughout the years he has recruited hundreds of individuals to be a part of programs, projects and events, including numerous businesses and community organizations. His focus has been on directing and coordinating projects and programs to improve the lives of young community members, specifically those aged 14-25. During the course of his work he has employed a diverse set of skills including marketing, fund raising, event planning and execution as well as writing numerous reports about programs, projects and events along with needs and measurements reports.