To The Future Generations – Nina's Letter to the Young People of the World

May 18, 2017

On behalf of the celebration events of the second anniversary of the Fuji Declaration on May 12th 2017 the Fuji Declaration Symposium 'Co-Creating A World in Harmony and Balance' took place in the United Nations University in Tokyo. 

My letter to the young people of the world:

With all my heart I say unto you.....go my children, go into the world as you really are. There is a call today for you to remember your soul and your soul's intention.... for each of you has a gift to offer the world. It is a time for revealing this inner self and linking the outer with the inner.  You no longer must hide behind expectations. You must no longer disguise whoever you are and what you know. The time is NOW for change and you are the change. Be empowered and trust yourself.

Humans have always been in the process of evolving. We have moved from hunter-gatherers to agricultural gardeners to industrialists to be of the technological age to the merging of the possibility to be ONE HUMANITY and even possibly have telepathy.

You are so fortunate to be the first generation to jump into the next evolution of humankind to become this understanding of our interconnectedness beyond words into the experience of One Humanity. This phase of evolution is a major leap. It is so clear, as we elders observe, that the call is now for the emergence of a new paradigm so we may exist as this collective embracing of knowing. We are fulfilling our destiny which has been to identify the human being as a spiritual being incarnated with realizing separation is only from the outside and the the world is truly interdependent. Now it is your turn on the wheel of life to know even more and that is to know we are all ONE.

What does this mean? This means we are all in oneness and we can use these words but you will experience them and translate them into actions. Your lives will be different than ours fully accelerated as well as no longer marking separation and success as separate but rather understanding that you will be able to release FEAR and move into LOVE as no need for barriers,

So young people hear your own voice the voice of divine spark within. Define your opportunity to be your own self and carry the torch of change. Look around you and observe the demands of the times to take positive action without fear. Our environmental degradation is a reflection of the understanding that we must act now. Sustainability is no longer a question of choice of choosing to care or not. We must and you MUST move from fear and separation to oneness and LOVE and unite all of life.

Each day when you awake my young friends just think how can you affirm the day Are you able to awake and breathe in the sun and clouds and say to the world I am happy for this day. Imagine if you could use your mind as a tool for your own development and become all you have dreamed. This tool that lives inside of you is the compass for your future. Direct it towards the sun...become the sun and light the way for others.

I do know you carry this gene of transformation. You are the torch-bearers. So it for you to know and understand that we as elders are only the bridge markers but it is you who will bring change. You are the engine of transformation. The world awaits you. Come and walk lightly on our planet and share your knowingness that lives inside of you. Educate us to know the new holistic systems that wish to emerge. Tell us new stories and change the narrative. You carry these genes...You are the ones. You know inside of you what must come forth. Trust yourselves and go forward and do not look back but rather know you are standing on the shoulders of all the pioneers who have spoken so much of the consciousness awareness and the demands of the times. You will find this normal as this is all you know but please know your knowing is new. We must hear you and for us to hear you, you must know what you wish to say.

So please my young friends seek first inside of you and then take what you know and go forward into the world uncovering a new world wanting to be born. Ask who am I born to these times and what can I offer the world now? This will lead you to the miracle of following your own footsteps. As you walk around the world in your mind or otherwise, you will learn that everyone is your brother and sister, and thus caring for them is caring for yourself. Slowly with this thinking applied to all fields of endeavors we will have a world that works and it will be due to your efforts. No more unneeded poverty, no degradation of our environment, no more wars, and no hate...just understanding and learning for the Age of Peace to land upon us. The Heaven and Earth will be unified and we will know how to live between the two worlds for the sake of our evolution and the earth's evolution into full sacredness. 

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