Bear Hugs Slovenia

May 27, 2017

Theosophical Library in cooperation with organization Children of the Earth and students of Gymnasium Celje Center High School in Slovenia sent 20 teddy bears to children in an orphanage in Pakistan.

Before sending, the students of Gymnasium Celje Center High School kindly responded to our suggestion and equipped he teddy bears with colorful, inspiring messages, which you can see in the image to the left.

“Bear hugs” is a project of Children of the Earth. The purpose of project is to give teddy bears to children, who are orphans, because of war, natural disaster or other reasons. To orhpaned children, who have had traumatic experiences, a teddy bear means a lot. By donating a teddy bear to a child, we allow them to at least shortly feel happines or satisfaction. We give them something, that they can touch, hold and hug, when they are scared, unsure or alone. It gives them a feeling of warmth and it awakens hope.

Watch a video of the bears being assembled with the notes

More about the Bear Hugs project:

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